Friday, October 1, 2010

RATE IT! Return of the Great Pumpkin

When the calendar sheds another page and takes yet another step away from the glory of Summer, it's imperative that we have something to comfort us through this most cruel of season changes. Ah, the melancholy pain of rummaging through your closet to unearth that cozy parka you last set eyes upon months ago! It feels too soon! Bye, bye Summer.... hello Autumn. A time of departures (falling leaves! kiddies to school! hazy warm days!), the Fall certainly lives up to its name. Bummer.

But wait! All is not lost! Yes, the Fall can be a time of reflection, but there's no better occasion to celebrate the bounty of this chilly, yet colourful season. To coincide with the Autumn harvest and one of the best holidays of the year -- Thanksgiving! -- Dairy Queen steps up to comfort us with its traditional Pumpkin Pie Blizzard. Thank goodness some things never change! While we say goodbye to many things in the Fall, we get to say a big, gooey heartfelt HELLO to this seasonal treat! All pumpkin-y happiness mixed with vanilla soft serve, and crowned with whipped topping and a dash of nutmeg -- even the pumpkin patch-dwelling Linus would approve!

Like the beautiful changing leaves, this Blizzard is only here for our adoration for a limited time! Quick! Get to your local DQ ASAP to partake in one of the most flavourful joys of this brief season - definitely something to be thankful for! Enjoy!

1 comment:

Nicole said...

Can't wait! :D

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