Friday, October 29, 2010

RATE IT! Hallowe'en Hamm

Tomorrow night's episode of 'Saturday Night Live' has all the ingredients to make it a season stand-out.

Third-timer, Jon Hamm -- Don Draper of 'Mad Men -- will be stepping up to host. Unlike the ad man he portrays in his day job, Jon has instinctual comic timing, and is game for pretty much any embarrassing situation the SNL cast dare to concoct. Sergio, anyone?

And it's Hallowe'en!!! Well, Hallowe'en eve. I'm guessing that Bill Hader's Vincent Price will make an appearance... and the last time SNL's Hallowe'en show had Hamm as host, the VP skit was a scream. More, please!

Who needs trick or treating when SNL is gonna be so ghoulish to watch?

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