Friday, October 8, 2010

RATE IT! Record Collection

If you're a music fan  -- especially a connoisseur of current British releases (Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse, Robbie Williams) -- you will be very familiar with Mark Ronson. Producer, DJ, jaunty man about town... Ronson wears many hats and it's his multitasking work ethic that comes into play with his latest album, 'Record Collection.' His new release features a treasure trove of artists from across the globe and the end result is ear candy to suit many tastes!

While the album as a whole is very unique and cleverly assembled, I find that one tune in particular is hogging airtime on my iPod. The title track, 'Record Collection' won't leave me alone. I'm addicted - badly. 

A song with many a pop culture reference: Charlie Sheen, the movie Trading Places, and Bono - 'Record Collection' is one of only a handful of songs on his album where Ronson actually sings. To me, Mark's voice sounds eerie similar to Stephen Duffy - yep, the original lead singer of Duran Duran - a funny coincidence as this track is accompanied by Nick Rhodes-inspired keyboards and a chorus sung by Simon Le Bon. Obviously, Mark was a bit of a Durannie growing up - just like the rest of us. It's all making sense now... as he's currently slaving away producing Duran's next album, natch!

'Record Collection' is infectiously refreshing and urges you to get up and have a boogie. I dare you not to be swayed by its invitation to let loose. This track is awesome and I hope it gets the single treatment. Yes, it's that good! Do yourself a favour and buy it so I'm not the only one addicted to this gem!

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