Thursday, October 14, 2010

HATE IT! Bedbugs 'n Things

Are you bugged? I am!

I'm certainly not the first person - nor the last - to get grossed out by all the bed bug hysteria swirling in the news as of late.

I tweeted about the excellent but gruesome Bed Bug Registry a year ago, and have made a conscious effort to be extra diligent on my travels so that I don't bring any of these hitchhikers home. Every day a new victim shamefully steps forward, and even the big boys aren't immune (Niketown, Victoria Secret, the Wall Street Journal, Howard Stern and the latest -- the Lincoln Centre -- all in NYC -- have been invaded by these suckers.) Equal opportunity life destroyers, these bugs.

And now... there's an app for that. Seriously. New this week in the iTunes app store: Bedbugs 'n Things. The first social media app to bug out in a major fashion. For $0.99, you can become familiar with their ugly little mugs, their hangouts and their damage (ouchies .... those bites look NASTY! Definitely gonna leave a mark...).

Any tool that can help wage the war on bed bugs, I'm all for, but an iPhone app - seriously? Even I, with my obsessive need to know where the latest infestation has exploded, will not purchase this app. I don't want a reminder of their carnage on my iPhone alongside my Twitter, Tetris and Shazam apps. My iPhone app territory is a happy place - and bed bugs aren't invited.

Besides... the monicker "Bedbugs 'n Things" reminds me too much of the now defunct retailer "Linens 'n Things" -- somewhat fitting, don't you think? Strange bedfellows, indeed!

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