Wednesday, October 20, 2010

RATE IT! Cut the Rope

Attention iPhone and iPad app game addicts -- a new challenge is awaiting! If you're searching for a game to sever your affections for the hugely popular 'Angry Birds', 'Cut the Rope' just may be IT!

Chances are, you may already have this adorable yet addictive game lurking on your device - it's currently sitting pretty atop the iTunes game charts with other a million users - but in case you missed its quiet debut, here's the scoop.

Cut the Rope stars a little green monster called Om Nom. He's tiny and cute, but is in possession of a huge appetite for candy. Your quest, should you accept it, is to satisfy little Om Nom's sweet tooth, and keep him happy. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Well, not so fast... the premise is easy but the execution is a tad tricky.

Om Nom is stuck in a box... special delivery sat on your doorstep. You must get inside his cubic surroundings to feed him the candy that he so desperately craves. Dinner time wouldn't be so difficult if the treats weren't attached to a multitude of ropes - a ha! Get it? Cut the Rope? Now you know what you must do! 

Race against meddling spiders, avoid razor-sharp barbs, and make friends with balloons and bubbles -- and if you can catch a clutch of glowing stars along the way, you'll be Om Nom's best buddy. But remember, your main task is to feed those sweet candy morsels to Om Nom - or else!

Cut the Rope is incredibly addictive. I rarely play games on my iPhone but this one will convert even the most fair-weather of players. The animation is top notch and the soundtrack is worthy of a Pixar release. You would be hard pressed to find better value for $0.99!

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