Wednesday, November 17, 2010

HATE IT! Andy Warhol Christmas

Dog gone it! I so want to LIKE these Andy Warhol Christmas cards but I just *can't*!

First off, there's the subject matter -- DOGS! Love 'em... all types, even fat, blobby ones as featured on these holiday greeting cards. And I'm all for works of famous artists being reintroduced to the masses via new platforms... but I just have a hunch that this artwork is kinda half assed. 

I know kids that could have created something similar - and probably, BETTER!

And yellow of all colours screams anything but snowmen, Santa Claus & candy canes.

Yeah, these cards are kinda nice, and certainly unique, but I'm dolling out a C+ for this effort and nothing more. I'll skip Andy's cards for something that feels a bit more heartfelt and emotionally stirring. 


NiamhG said...

Aaagh, no, no, NO!!!!! Christmas. Penguins. Snowmen. Santa. Fields of snow and churches. Nativity scenes even. Ugly, ugly cards. Phew. Didn't realise I felt so strongly +

Jackie said...


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