Monday, November 15, 2010

RATE IT! Festive Friends Earmuffs

I just returned from a visit to the UK where they do Christmas like no where else (that's a compliment!). Britain is home to one of my new favourite destinations: Paperchase.

Not your average purveyor of cards and gift wrap, Paperchase offers items that are more sparkly, more adorable... just more FUN... for all occasions!

Top of my list, the Festive Friends range of Christmas products. If you like the world of Kawaii where the everything is happy, and smiley, you'll adore Festive Friends. Holiday meat pies, puddings, reindeer, mittens even Christmas cracker characters are jovial and fully engrossed in the spirit of the season. Case in point, this set of pudding earmuffs

Silly, yes but sweet and guaranteed to put a smile on the most Grinchiest of faces. I dare you not to chuckle at this item. 

Just one question remains: who has the guts to strut down the street with these sweet treats on their ears? 

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