Monday, May 30, 2011

RATE IT! Popcorn Popper

Remember the good ol' days of Jiffypop popcorn? It was that magical foil pan that you shook across your stove's burner while the corn inside exploded into piece upon piece of yummy, salty popcorn. The foil dome that grew as the kernels popped was half the fun!

Jiffypop is now a relic of the past, but you can still have a neat-o popcorn experience with this nifty device from Vat19. Instead of using the stove, you employ your microwave. 

Just dump some kernels into the container - it's made of laboratory glass by the way, dishwasher safe too - add butter in the lid, and place the entire contraption in your microwave. Two minutes later, you'll open up your microwave to the hot, buttery smell of fresh popcorn.

It kinda looks like a wacky science experiment which makes this popper all the more endearing. Available for $20 from

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