Wednesday, May 18, 2011

RATE IT! Somebody to Love Me

Ear worms can be evil little pests! Songs that roll 'round and 'round in your head can drive you to distraction... except when the tune is a little piece of heaven.

The latest track stuck in my head? 'Somebody to Love Me' by Mark Ronson and Business Intl. When Mark's album came out last fall, I was immediately blown away by 'Record Collection,' the song featuring my ultimate pop star, Duran Duran's Simon Le Bon. But now a few months, and two trips to England later, I'm adding 'Somebody to Love Me' to my must-listen playlist in my iPod. I became reacquainted with the tune while shopping in London. You know when you hear a song you've heard before but this time in a different setting? And how it can instantly spark some interest? That's what happened to me. I love this song.

Once again, Mark Ronson turned to an '80s icon to add some vocal oomph. Boy George shares the singing duties in this one with a great artist named Andrew Wyatt, leader of Miike Snow. (and I just discovered that Andrew was once in an outfit with the fella from The Bird and the Bee who I *love*!).

And in this TV clip, I had to laugh when I spotted the drummer's wallet on laid out on his kit!

And if you want to see the official video - a complete '80s flashback - indulge in this clip. An old school Boy George lookalike, bare bums... what more could you want? :)

Mark Ronson - Somebody To  Love (Official Video) by PayeTaChatte

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