Monday, February 15, 2010

HATE IT! iTunes - You've Done It Again

Like most music obsessives, I have a love-hate relationship with iTunes.

I'm thankful that the service exists for its ease of use, and I worship daily at the mantle that is the genius of the iPod. It changed my life, seriously. To be able to carry with me my entire music collection (5,500 songs, give or take...) is just the most important techie thing to have ever happened to me. End of story.

BUT I don't like how iTunes gets away with little customer service screw-ups. Remember my rant about their gift cards? One of the best gifts in my opinion, however, you CANNOT use them for purchasing iPhone applications. Silly, yes?

Well, my other main pet peeve with Apple's iTunes... when there's a song that you really want but you can only buy it as part of an entire CD. I desperately want the latest tune by The Bird and the Bee -- it's found on the new soundtrack for that star-studded 'Valentine's Day' flick but in order to lovingly cradle it in the safe environs of my iPhone, I have to pay for songs that I would never, ever dream of owning. Musical clutter. At a price. Ugh.

I have voiced my displeasure to the band via their Facebook page in order to make ME feel better. I'd never expect my rant -- which also set off others too, ha! -- to make a change in this case because it's really big, nasty iTunes who are to blame here and not the little band, but at least I said my peace.

Now I'll just move on and ignore that song that I want so much....*sigh* Until next time.

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