Friday, February 5, 2010

RATE IT! Hulu...It's So 2009

Buh, bye, Hulu --- there's a new TV player on the block....

If you haven't met this stunner already, please let me do the honours... meet

TVGorge offers up pretty much every TV show airing in North America right now --- without the geoblocking frustrations that befall many of us with stinky Hulu. C'mon, people.... Canadians and Americans share a plenty...and blocking Canucks from your American website feeds (NBC!!!!) just makes us snarky and more apt to tune into the other networks... or find freebies like

Switch your web viewing from Hulu to and kiss goodbye the "sorry... you cannot view this clip from your location" blues for good!

Now, TVGorge doesn't have "SNL" in its listings -- the one omission that I found -- but that's a only a slight knock on my part. Heck, they had the premiere of "Lost" up on their site the day after its debut on ABC!

Happy viewing! And not just for Canadians and Americans...our relations in Australia say it works down there too. Hopefully it will thrive for awhile before it gets yanked off the (web)waves.


Anonymous said...

Checked it out based on your post. Its a really good site. Hopefully they keep adding shows.

Cary McNeal said...

Yeah, I don't get Hulu. I thought the idea was to get more, not fewer, people on your site. I feel the same way about people who yank their vids off YouTube or disable embedding. Hello? Isn't exposure what you want? Idiots.

Sarah said...

Hulu annoys me. Somedays the clips not the full videos will work but it depends on how popular the clip is. NBC block certain SNL clips but open the whole of the video library to anyone for something like Late Night with Conan O'Brien.
TVGorge is brilliant, no more using Sidereel to get TV shows. All the newest episodes of the shows I want to watch are up within a day and there's no geoblock.

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