Thursday, February 25, 2010

RATE IT! Spoilt for Choice

Since wee Zoey Bean came into our lives last May, our place has had many close encounters of the puppy toy kind.

We swore that our dog would never be spoiled. We swore that she'd only have as many toys as her little Ikea container would hold. We swore that we wouldn't spend loads of cash on expensive "human" toys that she'd just chew up and eat.

Yep, we've broken all our homemade rules. Zoey's toys would put many kids playrooms to shame. And the fact that her collection features so many pop culture faves (Mr. Bill, Dug & his dog pals from the Pixar movie "UP", and one of the 'Littlest Pet Shop' pooches...), it's quite easy to say that she is definitely her puppy momma's daughter!

Pop culture, not just for humans!


Adopting1Soon said...

Ya know, the Goodwill has plenty of stuffed animals for a quarter each. Big, small, all types. Just make sure you get the kind without glass eye beads or other chocking hazards. My girls rip them to shreds in seconds so I learned fast where to buy them for super cheap. So buy away, guilt free :-)

tracey said...

I am the dog owner I used to make fun of. Sophie sleeps on my bed, her haircuts cost twice what mine do, and I love her like crazy. I get it. : )

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