Friday, April 22, 2011

RATE IT! Careless Memories

It's my birthday week, so Friday's music video choice is my all-time favourite. Okay, it's cheesy - I'm the first to admit that fact - but I ADORE this song... yep, it's my #1 Duran Duran tune. 

The video is one of the first Duran Duran ever shot. Way before the slick gloss of 'Rio', and 'Hungry Like the Wolf,' there was 'Careless Memories.' At this time, Duran were still firmly entrenched in the whole new romantic music scene that was going down a storm in the UK... the clothes, make-up - all so mad! What's not to love? And Simon Le Bon looks so fetching with the black eyeliner. 

This video from YouTube was originally taken from the VHS video release put out around 1983. 'Careless Memories' is inner-cut with clips from the 'Lonely in Your Nightmare' video that came out with the 'Rio' album... hence Simon's more modern look popping in and out during the first :20 or so of 'Careless Memories.' Enjoy. 


Connie said...

Happy birthday, Jackie! :-)

Jackie said...

Thanks, Daisy!

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