Thursday, April 28, 2011

RATE IT! Tiny Wings

Gaming is not a past time that I indulge in BUT I have made a few exceptions

With the hype surrounding Angry Birds, I downloaded it to my phone, and gave it a go. Unlike most purchasers, I haven't been compelled to play it over, and over again. It's addictive nature has passed me by. I'm not feeling the love for this furious flock. Sorry! But before I set my iPhone down with the vow never to get wingy with it, I came across Tiny Wings. 

Simple to play with endearing graphics, Tiny Wings grabbed my heart where Angry Birds failed. The little fella just wants to soar through the sky, touch the clouds, and explore faraway lands. There's no nasty agenda, no complicated strategy... just the desire to be free as a bird, so to speak. Playing this game is so easy. You can use one finger - that's it! Just be sure to use the downward slopes of the hills to project Tiny Wings way up into the deep blue yonder. The key is to get as far as you can, hopping island after island before the sun sets. The arrival of evening tells Tiny Wings that it's time for bed. Any further adventures will have to be played out in his dreams.  

It's not surprising that Tiny Wings was one of the few phone games to push Angry Birds off the iTunes' #1 seller spot. It's that fun, and addictive! A definite smart phone must-buy. The best $0.99 I spent - I've been sending Tiny Wings airborne for weeks now. 

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