Monday, April 11, 2011

RATE IT! Faded London

It's hard to contain my enthusiasm! Soon I will be returning to one of my favourite destinations on the planet: London, England. 

From my backyard, it's more than 6,000 miles away but despite the distance, the jet lag, and oft-rainy weather, I've always felt at home there. With trips in the double digits, it's easy to say that my money could have been put to better use had I stayed put. But seriously....wouldn't you rather have suitcases stuffed full of memories, photos and stories than a bank full of unused cash? Yeah, me too! 

To celebrate my infinite love for this city, I'm serving up several London-centric posts.

First up, I'd like to share a website that caters to lovers of London, history buffs, and curiosity seekers alike. Faded London is a glorious find that explores all the wonderful hints of a by-gone era: ghost signs, unique street 'furniture' and even shop facades. London is so rich in history that every block boasts secrets from another time - even the metal coal grates on the ground have a tale to tell. 

While all these artifacts aren't exclusive to London -- most big cities have ghost signs adorning the outer walls of old buildings -- they do speak of the city's past in a manner that is pretty much forgotten these days. London may still proudly display a multitude of old streets, signs, buildings and attractions, but progress has removed and erased just as many. The Faded London website is a celebration of where London's been and where it's going. 

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NiamhG said...

I am so jealous. London is my favourite city in the world. Love it! When're you going over? You going to the wedding then? Try and stay, if funds allow it, in The Indigo the as there is the world's best greasy spoon behind it. Nevermind the rest of everything else. Make sure you go to the Columbia Road Flower Market on Sunday mornng as you'll also find a great flea market and fantastic coffee and sunshine. Yeah, I wish it was me.

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