Wednesday, May 13, 2009

HATE IT! Cosmopolitan magazine

Ah! Look, it's Leighton Meester, the lovely 'Blair' from "Gossip Girl" delicately gracing the cover of the latest issue of US "Cosmopolitan' magazine. 

The last time I bought the US version of this girlie bible (when Leighton's co-star, Blake Lively got the cover treatment), I was surprised to see how thin Cosmo was on content. Not that it was ever loaded with cerebral offerings, but their editors did delve into some weighty issues from time to time along with the breathless essays on cocktails, backstabbing girlfriends & kooky sex positions. Seems such pitches to gals with active braincells have withered. Heck, the issue I wasted my money on months back even had a full page pin-up of some 'hot' actor (their hot barometer, not mine) tucked inside. WTF? 'Cosmo' is now an older, smuttier version of 'Tiger Beat'? Oh, how Helen Gurley Brown's ode to successful young females has fallen. Shame.

Still, the least I can do is offer full props for Leighton's cover girl appearance -- shame it's the best thing about this zine. Best to save your bucks and opt for 'Marie Claire' instead. 


RedHeart said...

I stopped buying magazines a long time ago. Never seems worth the money -- especially with the internet on hand to satisfy my curious mind. It's a shame, I miss the ritual 'flick through' the magazines.

On another note, has Leighton gone blonde? I think I saw a picture of her from the Met Gala the other week.

Sarah said...

I don't like Cosmo. Apparently its aimed at the ambitious young woman but looking at some of the stuff, it could so easily be mistaken as Seventeen. I buy Glamour occasionally

RH, Leighton is blonde now for some film she's doing.

Bev said...

Ugh, hate Cosmo! My sister and I have always called it, "the magazine for office sluts."

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