Friday, May 1, 2009

RATE IT! VP Joe Biden

At last!! After the much-lauded first 100 days of the Obama presidency, we've finally FINALLY got a whoopsie! moment courtesy of Vice-Prez, Joe Biden on day 101... a man who can't keep his verbal slip-ups at bay. Oh, how long have we waited! We knew it was bound to happen with this guy's track record. 

Biden was speaking about the swine flu hysteria to Matt Lauer on NBC's Today Show. When asked his opinion, Joe didn't soothe America's worries. No heck, he let the fear flag fly: "I wouldn't go anywhere in confined spaces now," he announced emphatically. Off the cards for Biden, riding the subway or plane travel as well. "If you're out in the middle of a field and someone sneezes that's one thing. If you're in a closed aircraft or a closed container or a closed car or a closed classroom, it's a different thing."

Fair enough. The VP likes to speak his mind & what's wrong with a little honesty, right? But with Joe Biden, such ill-advised honest outbursts prompt the White House to whirl into damage control. Can't have Obama's second plunge the country into widespread alarm. Two hours later, the Press Secretary apologized for Biden's remarks, and Biden's own office issued a statement to correct his panic-inducing comments. What he *meant* to say... don't travel to Mexico if you don't have to. Stay home if you're ill with flu-like symptoms... wash your hands often...blah blah blah.

I find it quite entertaining watching Biden speaking a little too honestly when he shouldn't... obviously the White House doesn't feel the same. Perhaps they should also lean on the real fear mongers -- the media -- for whipping the public into a needless frenzy over this flu bug. Flu isn't new! People get the flu - often. Some people unfortunately do die but most do not, and people need to realize that simple hygiene and common sense will keep them healthy. Too many people don't wash their hands. Sounds gross, doesn't it, but it's disgustingly true. Same goes for people who don't cover their sneezes, coughs and spit in public places. 

Wanna curtail the spread of flu? Ramp up hygiene... it's simple really. And while we're at it, let's hope Biden unleashes another verbal faux pas soon. Laughter is good, laughter helps heal and people who have the flu, could use a laugh. Just remember to cover up if those giggles send you into a coughing fit. 

(Joe photo: google images)


Daz said...

YAY! Couldn't agree more, lot of fuss about almost-nothing...

Sarah said...

Ha! This is like the 'stand up so they can see you' Joe Biden gaffe for the disabled guy. And yes, this flu thing has been whipped up into a massive outbreak by the media. Every two seconds on the news networks there's a suspected new case. But then they say there isn't and today Mexico admitted that they may have gone overboard with the real number of flu related deaths and even the flu type. So cue a comedown from the news networks who had doctors on every day for the last week as they said it may not be as worse as first thought. Honestly 13 cases out of 63 million people is nothing especially when the headlines on the papers were screaming '40% of the nation are in danger of contracting swine flu and dying'. 13 isn't 40%. 13 people of which at least 10 have been cleared. But if they want to get us all scared they're doing a damn good job.

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