Tuesday, May 12, 2009

HATE IT! Gossip's Retro Bore

Did you watch?

You know that I did -- watching 'Gossip Girl' on a Monday eve is as vital to my sanity as chocolate. Needless to say, when my favourite program gets waylaid within its own ego and spits out a slow, brain-dead disaster of an ep like it did last night... it pains me. Thank goodness I had some Dare fudge cookies on emergency stand-by!

It. Was. Awful! 

What a waste! The much hyped 80s flashback episode featuring a young Lily...pre-Van Der Woodsen...pre-Rufus...pre-anything interesting --- adrift in California pinning for her Andrew McCarthy of a Dad... ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz! I kept waiting for it to improve but no such luck. The 80s were colourful, fun and full of zest but Lily's time-travel trip was anything but! You know the situation is dire when the show jolts back into the present UES timeline & a glimpse of Serena's brother Eric makes you excited (or relieved?).

Not all was lost. At least we had the pleasure of some vintage Chuck -- orchestrating the Prom, still lusting after Blair in an oh-so understated fashion. Best part of the episode & it lasted all of 20 seconds, if that. With next week's episode the season finale, we really could have used a full-fledged modern day follow up on Poppy & Georgina - but no. Instead this 80s wannabee plagued our screens. Yuck. Now it's become clear why rumors are flying regarding the spin-off's early death! 

Don't get me wrong. I *love* the 80s! Lived it, LOVED it. But this attempt was half-assed. No Doubt covering Adam Ant? Horrendous! And casting the cute Brittany Snow as the younger Lily -- she has BLUE EYES! Kelly Rutherford -- present day Lily -- has BROWN! If the creators could be so careless with such a noteworthy detail, it kinda sums up the whole shebang, don't you think?

All in all, an important lesson to the GG brass --- don't mess with a good thing! Stay focused on your first GG meal ticket -- or else! 

(80s photo mess - I mean Lily & sis Carole: the CW)



It was a mess. Hated it. Thank heavens it was not the entire show, only absurd flashbacks. However, the Chuck/Blair scene from next week looks fantastico!

Jackie said...

The Chuck moments in the 80s ep were the only redeeming seconds. Can't wait for normal episode service to resume *next* Monday.

Boston Red said...

Bad. Really, really bad. And I noticed the eyes too! Did the producers really think we wouldn't notice that?

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