Tuesday, May 12, 2009

HATE IT! Gossip's Retro Bore

Did you watch?

You know that I did -- watching 'Gossip Girl' on a Monday eve is as vital to my sanity as chocolate. Needless to say, when my favourite program gets waylaid within its own ego and spits out a slow, brain-dead disaster of an ep like it did last night... it pains me. Thank goodness I had some Dare fudge cookies on emergency stand-by!

It. Was. Awful! 

What a waste! The much hyped 80s flashback episode featuring a young Lily...pre-Van Der Woodsen...pre-Rufus...pre-anything interesting --- adrift in California pinning for her Andrew McCarthy of a Dad... ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz! I kept waiting for it to improve but no such luck. The 80s were colourful, fun and full of zest but Lily's time-travel trip was anything but! You know the situation is dire when the show jolts back into the present UES timeline & a glimpse of Serena's brother Eric makes you excited (or relieved?).

Not all was lost. At least we had the pleasure of some vintage Chuck -- orchestrating the Prom, still lusting after Blair in an oh-so understated fashion. Best part of the episode & it lasted all of 20 seconds, if that. With next week's episode the season finale, we really could have used a full-fledged modern day follow up on Poppy & Georgina - but no. Instead this 80s wannabee plagued our screens. Yuck. Now it's become clear why rumors are flying regarding the spin-off's early death! 

Don't get me wrong. I *love* the 80s! Lived it, LOVED it. But this attempt was half-assed. No Doubt covering Adam Ant? Horrendous! And casting the cute Brittany Snow as the younger Lily -- she has BLUE EYES! Kelly Rutherford -- present day Lily -- has BROWN! If the creators could be so careless with such a noteworthy detail, it kinda sums up the whole shebang, don't you think?

All in all, an important lesson to the GG brass --- don't mess with a good thing! Stay focused on your first GG meal ticket -- or else! 

(80s photo mess - I mean Lily & sis Carole: the CW)



It was a mess. Hated it. Thank heavens it was not the entire show, only absurd flashbacks. However, the Chuck/Blair scene from next week looks fantastico!

Lose That Girl said...

The Chuck moments in the 80s ep were the only redeeming seconds. Can't wait for normal episode service to resume *next* Monday.

Boston Red said...

Bad. Really, really bad. And I noticed the eyes too! Did the producers really think we wouldn't notice that?

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