Monday, May 18, 2009

RATE IT! Final Gossip Girl TONIGHT

The 2nd season of 'Gossip Girl' has been all over the shop. Stellar, breath-taking highs (Chair!!) and queasy lows (Jenny's punky designing, all of Serena's non-Dan bfs, that 80s show). Er... looks like I hated the season, only finding one highlight... well, I didn't hate it - not at all - however, Chuck & Blair's will they/won't they frolic was ....divine! Everything else pales in comparison.

Tonight the season closer is upon us --- I hope the CW makes it count! The summer is a long time to wait after a mediocre season finale. Frustratingly, I couldn't track down any pix of Chuck from tonight's ep. Fingers crossed, the lack of bad boy Bass promo shots isn't a foreboding sign of (boring) things to come this evening...

(photo: the CW)

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