Wednesday, August 19, 2009

HATE IT! Harper's Bazaar

I've had it. I've had it with Harper's Bazaar.

Such a waste of trees...this magazine is full of vacuous pretentious trash from cover to cover. Snotty, too self-important. A tastemaker to people who probably wouldn't dare speak to me should I stumble into their path -- you catch my drift.

I was gifted a subscription to this magazine last Christmas. The gift giver lovingly gave me several subscriptions -- knowing how deep my addiction to magazines is (Thanks! Best gifts I got!) -- and thought that I might enjoy several magazines that I don't normally purchase. Harper's was one such zine.

I literally flip through each new issue within 5 minutes. I rarely stop to read anything in here and frankly, none of my friends care to take any of the discarded issues off my hands. Says a lot. 

The latest issue is only worthy because Leighton Meester is featured. Other than that, it would go straight to the litter box - if I had a cat.

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