Friday, August 7, 2009

HATE IT/RATE IT! Cristiano On My Turf

The world's best footie player is in my backyard - so to speak. 

It's with mixed emotions that I "welcome" the former United star --- former member of MY TEAM -- to Toronto. I'm really thrilled that my hometown is making me proud, going all Cristiano ga-ga in the wake of his jetting over here. Toronto is footie mad to be sure, and it's about time such international talent set foot on BMO field (shame the natural grass will be torn up afterwards -- they should keep it but try telling the City of Toronto who owns the grounds why it makes sense). Fans are quite happy to see the other Real Madrid giants of the sport -- especially Kaka --- here too but Cris, as always is getting all the copy and headlines. And probably the girls.

Still find it weird to see him in Real's kit. 

(photo: Reuters)


Sarah said...

Meh. Just returned from Morocco and couldn't move for space without seeing a Real shirt with Ronaldo on the back. I'm indifferent as I always have been when it comes to Ronaldo, he made it easier for me when he waltzed off to Madrid because I don't like Madrid therefore its easier for me to not like him now than it was when he was at Utd.

Jackie said...

Sarah, so good to see you back from hols. Lucky duck, Morocco! I spotted one of my first Real Ronaldo shirts in my hood yesterday - just out of the blue. I expect to see many more.

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