Wednesday, August 26, 2009

HATE IT! Oshawa Gets the KISS Off

A big, fat (marketing) lie!

That's exactly what Gene Simmons and his KISS pals set up a few months back when they asked fans to vote on-line for the city most deserving of a concert by the maestros of music & make-up.

The city of Oshawa, home to Canada's dying auto industry, ran away with the contest with over 14,000 votes towering over second best Winnipeg's 12,000. Just what the battered city needed, a pick me up courtesy of a fave band. 

KISS announced their Fall tour itinerary yesterday and to everyone's surprise, Oshawa didn't rank -- anywhere! The guys are heading for a gig in Toronto in October, but not Oshawa. Toronto came in 8th place in the on-line contest vote. What rankles folks in the 'shwa even more -- Gene Simmons told one of Oshawa's Councillors weeks back that Canada's motor city would definitely see the band should they top the on-line vote. 

Guess Gene's word is as slimey as his famously freakazoid tongue. Shame on you, KISS! 

Update: Gene Simmons has announced that KISS *will* play Oshawa on October 7. He said the city was missing from the tour itinerary because they were planning on a surprise announcement about the gig. Hmm....sorry, not buying it. They won the concert. On-line, where everyone could see the results - what more of a surprise could be in store? At least the 'shwa is getting their show. 

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