Thursday, August 27, 2009

RATE IT! Hugh & Daniel...Broadway Bound TOGETHER

Hugh Jackman & Daniel Craig are all signed up & confirmed for Broadway! Sorry, was I a bit too giddy there?

"A Steady Rain" starring James Bond and Wolverine is due to launch September 29 and run through 'til December 6. 

The guys will be portraying 'troubled' Chicago cops -- heck, they could be singing the Manhattan phone book and I'd be interested! Sadly, shirts will be part of their on-stage repertoire. 

So...question is, how soon can we book our flights?

(photos: google)


Sarah said...

Unfortunately, I've seen the promo pic from this show and Daniel has a pornstache. So, erm, that's shattered the illusion for me. :P

Jackie said...

Yeah, that pic is attached to the link in my post. I can't let some misguided facial hair get in the way of my DC lust. Just can't. :)

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