Tuesday, January 5, 2010

HATE IT! Pecan't.... Sorry!

A new year, a new decade.... welcome 20-10!

With a clean slate ahead of us, there's much to look forward to... including 12 monthly Dairy Queen Blizzard celebrations!! Whoo-hoo!

January is always a difficult slog... all that post-Christmas let-down punctuated with a flurry of bill payments, plus the chilly reality of several months of blinding cold ahead for many of us in the northern hemisphere. But still, we *still* gleefully await the unveiling of the latest Blizzard of the Month. Regardless of the frigid temps outside, it's ALWAYS Dairy Queen time! Who can say "no" to a little frosty joy in a waxy paper cup??

This month... *I* must say no. It pains me, it does. I'm saying no.... not because of some cock-eyed New Year's resolution banning treats or anything like that, but.... because the January Blizz of the Month is just plain nuts.... pecans, to be specific.

Meet the Turtle Pecan Cluster Blizzard. Caramel, chocolate and pecans. You lost me there with the nuts. So not a fan...but I'm sure many will enjoy this New Year's offering. If I was trying to be good and avoid all decadent treats, well Dairy Queen has made it easy for me this month. I just can't..... pecan't, to be precise.

Til February then...

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