Monday, January 18, 2010

RATE IT! Ricky Gets Golden


American critics seem to be bashing Ricky Gervais for his "uninspired" (courtesy Hollywood Reporter) hosting of last night's Golden Globes awards ceremony in Hollywood.

What? Seriously???

Did everyone's sense of humour get dampened by the drizzle that plagued Tinseltown during the red carpet last night? Can't take a penis or plastic surgery joke?? Maybe Ricky was right.... the plastic surgeons did a booming biz prior to the awards -- no one could move their faces to smile, or laugh.

C'mon, people!! Drop the overly Liberal, PC act and LAUGH!!! Ricky *was* funny!!! Plugging his "Office" DVDs... that was FUNNY! The joke about stereotypes for the Irish and *then* introducing Colin Farrell ---- FUNNY!!!! The Mel Gibson-drinking joke ---- FUNNY! Geez, people!!! The best comedy is when the cotton wool is removed and the performer takes no prisoners! I think many in Hollywood and the industries that feed off it have forgotten this fact.

The jibes at actors being better than writers?? Hello!?! Ricky IS a writer AND actor! Glad to see that he has a sense of humour about his industry -- and honestly, he was kinda telling the truth. Actors do think they are better than the writers --- the very people who create the works that they perform and profit from --- actors do think they are better than pretty much everyone. The truth hurts, doesn't it.... but sometimes it's also great comedy material as Ricky proved over and over again last night.

Ricky Gervais -- "uninspired", "stale" (looking at you, Chicago Sun Times).... AS IF! Hollyweird, you don't deserve to have a hilarious Brit as your award show host. Go back to your unfunny American uber-PC hosts with their self-congratulatory smugness -- you never know.... maybe Jay Leno will be available next year. Then you'll be happy!

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Anonymous said...

What She Said! :) Ricky was tops

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