Thursday, January 7, 2010

HATE IT! Worst. TV Show. EVER!

I love crappy television -- but even *I* have to draw the line somewhere....

Yes, I have ceremoniously broken out the Crayolas and my ruler in preparation to create that line...

Stumble into the spotlight 'Last Bride Standing.' Easily the WORST reality show ever created. I'm gobsmacked that someone would green light this train wreck. IT'S SO, SO BORINGLY BAD! An infomerical would be more entertaining. Sham-Wow, anyone?

The "wacky" idea: a bunch of zealous bridezillas drunk on the dream of the ultimate wedding extravaganza compete to win $100,000 worth of wedding *stuff*, including a reception for 250 of their nearest & dearest. The would-be brides must stand with one of their hands pressed against a wall -- yep, literally -- for hours, days even --until the last bride standing triumphs & scoops up all the goodies, while her wedding gown bedazzled 'sisters' fall -- again, literally *yawn* -- by the wayside.

Hmm, kinda kooky in theory but in execution it's painfully slow and uninteresting to watch. The gals are hungry, stressed, tired and very very unwatchable. Unlike 'Big Brother' where the stresses and strains put upon people stuck in a less than ideal situation make GREAT television, 'The Last Bride Standing' is the EXACT opposite. It also proves that dimwits will do just about anything to get on telly -- including making fools of themselves, crankily whining about needing the loo while wearing the most hideous of wedding dresses. Who wants to see that? Imagine how their prospective family-in-law feels? Ugh... is it too late to call the whole thing off? Just what everyone needs... a nutter married into the family.

In all of this, I'm most surprised that SunTV in Toronto would even purchase (gosh, I hope they didn't commission!) this series! It's laughable -- and they have it scheduled right before '60 Minutes'! Not the best of lead-ins, let me tell you! No doubt I've piqued some people's interest in this fiasco - but if you do seek out a YouTube clip or tune in for the TV show proper, don't blame me about never getting that precious time back!

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