Friday, January 29, 2010

RATE IT! Guacamole App-etizing!

My obsessive collecting of iPhone apps -- both useful & time-wasting -- continues at a fever pitch. Yes, I really do need to get a life it would seem!

This week I found a very silly wack-a-mole type game called Guacamole - yep, it's based on that slimy green mulch, famed co-star to nachos everywhere!

Basically, you have to tap on the screen whenever a smiley garlic, or avocado pop up, oh and the bowls of sour cream too --- that's right, we're making guacamole here!! Trouble is, there are forces at work to put a wrench into the proceedings. Namely....a scary Mexican skull of the dead, and a posse of squelchy poohs, complete with hovering flies! Every time you mistakenly smack one of them, you lose points, and your lifeline. Do it too many times and it's game over, sucker.

The game is the ultimate in juvenile silliness and that's what makes it so cute!

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