Thursday, July 29, 2010

HATE IT! Calourette Finger Ring

Is it just me?

Looking at this ring now available from Urban Outfitters - the first thing that pops into my mind isn't "Wow, cool!" 

My first impression is more along the lines of "Ew!"

It doesn't matter that this finger trinket is designed by a happening French designer, or that it goes for the princely sum of $100 US -- it's just kinda ghoulish. 


NiamhG said...

Why? Who'd think this looks good? One word? UGLY!!

Jackie said...

The only thing going for it - it's definitely a conversation starter!

NiamhG said...

Yeah!! As in: "Where in the name of Jaysus did you get that ring???" and "Wow, unusual is not the word" etc. Right? Seriously, who wastes their time coming up wtih stuff like this or is this like 'art' and you either get it or you don't?

Jackie said...

I think if I saw someone with that ring, I'd stay away from them.

Conversation ender! ;)

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