Wednesday, July 7, 2010

RATE IT! Heatwave Blizzard

Whew! Temperatures are baking upwards into the 40 degree Celsius range. Could I be forgiven for believing that July's Dairy Queen Blizzard of the Month was a just a taste tempting mirage?

But thankfully, IT'S REAL!

I give you the Oreo Brownie Earthquake Blizzard

Yes, a moment of silence in respect for this awe inspiring icy treat is perfectly within reason. 

This Blizz quite simply takes my breath away. Crumbly Oreo pieces, chunky chocolatey brownies, drizzled hot fudge sauce....marshmallow!...and vanilla soft serve! It's almost too much to comprehend. My blood sugar soars to new heights just pondering its creamy taste.

Did the mini earthquake of two weeks ago cause the Canadian DQ HQ to concoct a Blizzard of such perfection as an ode to the lovely planet we inhabit? Clearly, the heat is getting to me, and I'm just being sillier than usual. Perhaps I should just tuck into the Oreo Brownie Earthquake, and simply enjoy. I'll take a large one, please and thank you!

DQ, you've really done it this time! Thanks for spoiling us ever so much this July! 

UPDATE: the Blizz being served up to our American friends is actually the Pecan Pie Blizzard. Better you than me! 


Kimmy said...

I have never tried this particular mixture because each time I go to DQ I always get one of two items: The Strawberry Shortcake or a large Heath Bar Blizzard, yum!
I think the word is Scrumdiddlyumptious !
Have a great one LTG and viva la brownies and Oreos, cheers!

Jackie said...

Kimmy, I hear you. It's so easy to return to your favourites time and time again. I'm guilty too. Chocolate X-Treme, please! It's hard to deviate but this one, is worth changing for. Yum!

Jackie said...

The Oreo Brownie Earthquake IS a revelation. Just had to rave after the stellar Blizz of last night. I think this one should be made a permanent addition to the Blizzard role call. YUM!

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