Monday, July 26, 2010

RATE IT! At the Indie Disco

Ah! Reliving my late nights at Blow Up, the Britpop club of (yikes!) 14-15 years ago. 

'At the Indie Disco' was the first single release from The Divine Comedy's most recent release, 'Bang Goes the Knighthood' and this song perfectly captures what it was like to spend hours hanging with friends, dancing to Blur, Pulp, Suede and the like. 

The album's been out for about a month or two now and I'm terribly late in giving it any props. Shameful as TDC is one of my favourite bands ever. 

Better late than never, right? Listen, watch, enjoy!


Sarah said...

The album is fab!

NiamhG said...

Meant to tell you ages and ages ago. Neil Hannon worked on an album called The Duckworth Lewis Method. It's about cricket but it's truly wonderful.

Jackie said...

Hi Sarah! I agree!

Niamh, that's the one album of Neil's that I don't have. Not a fan of cricket but I love the rest of Neil's work. Go way back with the little guy. First saw him perform in the UK back in January 1997.

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