Friday, July 2, 2010

RATE IT! Officially Summer

Has the weather in your neck of the woods been more Spring than Summer? 

While you wait for Mother Nature to get into gear, tuck into Entertainment Weekly's Summer issue for a taste of the elusive season.

Will Ferrell getting beachy-with it! 

Will's appearance on the cover of ET comes on the heels of the news that his modern Christmas classic, "Elf" is Broadway bound. Joy!


Myrna Hynes said...

Love "ELF!" - it's become one of my fav Christmas movies!

Jackie said...

Me too, Myrna. Watch it every Christmas along with Love Actually.

Kimmy said...

ELF on Broadway-no way! I must say, I cannot wait to see this.
Thank you for the information-I had no idea, my friends are going to love this. I think it is so hilarious when he jumps into the Christmas tree. :-)
Have a lovely weekend, cheers!

Jackie said...

Isn't it, cool? I hope it's done well. Could be really really entertaining.

Have a great weekend, too! :)

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