Monday, August 30, 2010

HATE IT! Gone to the Dogs...and Cats

Talking pets in movies? Hate it! 

It's not cute or endearing, it's just...weird! 

I also despise animals being used in any sort of human context, and this new calendar from Takkoda immediately lands a top of my hate it list. 

Iconic photos of famed humans get an animalistic makeover. 

Can't do it... just can't.... obviously there is a rapt audience for such hilarity but I'm not it. I like my dog calendars straight up, please. 

Although, I will say that Spock Dog is kinda neat, and the cat they chose for Saint Audrey was an excellent choice, but the Michael Jackson-inspired doggie is just plain creepy!

1 comment:

NiamhG said...

We own a Jack Russell so we love Spock. Kids nearly wetting themselves at the pics. I'm with you but the boys love it.

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