Thursday, August 26, 2010

RATE IT! Mini Take That Reunion


After too many years apart, Take That's Gary Barlow and long-lost member Robbie Williams are back together with a new duet, 'Shame.' Due to be released as a single on October 4, and as a track on Robbie's upcoming greatest hits album, 'In and Out of Consciousness' (to be released October 11), it's the first steps to a full-fledged Take That reunion. 

They may be a little older, but they've still got it! Can't wait to see the five of them all together again!

In the meantime, here's the video for 'Shame.'


NiamhG said...

I feel ooooold. I saw Take That in the 90's (I was mark's girl then) and last year and the year before (strictly a Howard girl now). Love Take That.

Jackie said...

I did too, Niamh! Flew over to Manchester in 1994 and saw them 3 nights in a row. Obsessed, much? ;)

I would be strictly a Mark gal although Gary's looking really good. Got to meet Gaz back in 1998. Lovely fella!

NiamhG said...

Did you see the tour before Circus? Well, Howard does this thing where he bangs his arse off a drum. Wowsers.

Jackie said...

I haven't seen them since that UK tour in summer of 1994. I'm really missing out, obviously! ;)

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