Thursday, August 19, 2010

RATE IT! Dylan's Candy Bar-bie

2009 saw Dylan's Candy Bar celebrating the 50th birthday of Mattel's iconic Barbie doll. The confectionary haven dreamed up all sorts of Barbie-inspired sweet treats -- decadent chocolates, breath-taking mints -- all dressed up in retro tins, wrappers and commemorative purses to delight Barbie fans young and old.

Now in 2010, Dylan's has gone one step further... this time, unveiling their very own official Dylan's Candy Bar Barbie. Never mind the Candy Man, it's all about Barbie!

Sporting a gown in the famous Dylan's Candy Bar colours, and boasting the most delectable accessories -- a lollipop and a candy necklace (but of course!), this Barbie isn't shy about enjoying a sugary indulgence or two!

This candy-loving Barbie retails for $34.95 US, and can be purchased in person or online from Dylan's Candy Bar.

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