Monday, August 9, 2010

RATE IT! Pop-Tarts Invade the Big Apple

Manhattan's Time Square is notorious for glitzy advertising campaigns, and extravagant marketing attempts. First it was Hershey... the American confectionary giants, moving into prime real estate just a few steps north of Times Square. Their shop peddling all sorts of Hershey munchies and paraphernalia has become a Broadway mainstay, a destination for chocolate lovers of all ages. Drawing on the success of Hershey, rival M&Ms followed suit with their own mega-shopping experience across the street. Sweet treat fans rejoiced - the more, the merrier.

Well, better get your dentist on speed dial because there's a new sugary player on the Times Square scene -- throw down the welcome mat for Pop-Tarts. Yep, the icing clad breakfast pastry is attempting to mirror the marketing and consumer success of its chocolatey counterparts. 

Setting up shop on 42nd Street between 6th Avenue & Broadway, Pop-Tarts World promises to unleash a sweet experience that will leave its fans with an appetite for more. Their 3,200 sq. ft set-up introduces an array of Pop-Tart cuisine. From the odd (Pop-Tart sushi ~ a fruit roll-up stuffed with a selection of smashed up Pop-Tart flavours) to the delicious (the Fluffer Butter ~ gooey marshmallow fluff sandwiched between two fudgy Pop-Tarts). Unique Pop-Tart vending machines have been installed, and shoppers can even create their own Pop-Tarts with dedicated chefs taking their suggestions to craft their personalized treat. 

Sounds all yummy and somewhat sickly sweet, but will people love, or loathe it? The Pop-Tarts marketing geniuses aren't taking any chances. The lease on the Times Square property is only reserved until the end of January. When the new year rings in, bosses will decide whether Pop-Tarts World lives on, or is toast. 

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