Monday, February 14, 2011

RATE IT! Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Chocolate Holiday, everyone! Perhaps I'm the only female who thinks with my stomach on Valentine's Day, but I'd much rather receive some chocolate, or cookies than over-priced red roses - any day! That being said, if there's no chocolate, or cookies greeting me when I wake up, that's okay too. Hardly the end of the world. 

Valentine's Day is one of those tricky celebrations... you're never quite sure if people love it, or hate it. If you're single, it can feel like one of the most lonely days of the year. If you're partnered up, it can be a mixed bag as well. To avoid the roller coaster of emotions that February 14 can bring, I've always marked the occasion with cards, and chocolate for my parents, and sister as well as my significant other (depending upon whether I had one by the time Valentine's Day rolled around)... it made the date not so much about smug couples, expensive flowers and candle-lit dinners, but more about appreciating those we love regardless of status. So whether or not you have a Valentine in the traditional sense, be sure to tell the 'other' people in your life how much you love and appreciate them. If everyone took the time in this manner, Valentine's Day probably wouldn't be given such a bad rap. 

Anyway... as I step off my soapbox, I want to point you in the direction of my new Valentine's/love themed article for Best Health Magazine's website. Turns out, we are all programmed to fall head over heels in love... and for once it's not Cupid's fault! Read on through this link and see who gets the blame this time! Enjoy! 


Connie said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Jackie! :)

Jackie said...

Thanks, Daisy! Same to you! :)

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