Friday, February 4, 2011

RATE IT! Who Do You Think You Are

It's back! 

To warm our hearts while it's bitterly cold outside, NBC has brought back a new season of the celeb-genealogy series, "Who Do You Think You Are" ~ debuting tonight at 8pm ET.

What's better than some emotional family tree climbing to keep us all warm inside?

This season's featured stars include Gwyneth Paltrow, recent SAG award winner, Steve Buscemi, Ugly Betty star Vanessa Williams, and Nicole Ritchie's dad, Lionel. They've also repurposed the WDYTYA UK ep that featured Sex & the City's Kim Cattrall. Just like in season one, the stars will go on a journey to find out who's lurking in their family background. Can't wait! 

As a genealogist myself, and a fan of the UK series, I relish the opportunity to peek into the lives of these famous folk. Often the stories are quite emotional, and surprising... and funny enough, it's when they discover ordinary folk - not famous ancestors - that the stories seem all the more amazing. A definite must-watch!

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