Wednesday, February 2, 2011

RATE IT! A Real Blizzard to Tackle

It's been days now... days of weather experts hyping up the mother of all snowstorms headed our way. Like many anxious Torontonians, I rushed to the shops yesterday to stock up on food so I didn't have to venture out today into the worst blizzard since '99. You know that crazy time when the mayor called the army in to help!

Waking up today, sure there's snow... maybe 10cm - max. That's not a blizzard, that's a joke! Many of the schools are closed, and people fearful of getting stranded stayed home for work, so there's probably a slew of kids and adults itching for a fun challenge. I say, ignore this faux blizzard silliness and head to Dairy Queen for the REAL deal!

February's Blizzard treat of the month has been unleashed and it's a wicked storm of tasty chocolate joy! Yes, it's THE best blizz on the block - the Midnight Truffle Blizzard. Your eyes aren't deceiving you - yes, we have met before... this Blizzard has appeared time and time again and unlike its namesake that associates itself with shovels, road salt, and snowbanks up to our eyeballs, this Blizzard wants to be your friend. 

Oh, yes. A friend like the Midnight Truffle Blizzard is always welcome! And best of all, no back-breaking shoveling required!

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