Thursday, February 24, 2011

RATE IT! Nifty Wedding Souvenir

The wedding of the year hasn't happened yet and already the souvenir sellers are in overdrive.

Most keepsakes commemorating the nuptials of Prince William & Kate Middleton are tacky, and embarrassing but this one takes the cake for being subtle and quite lovely.

It's a tea towel marking the April 29 festivities. Just when you were ready to wash your hands of all the hoopla, this sweet little towel comes calling. The retro tree-carved initials of W & K complete this beautiful item.

And did you catch the 'I do' in the 'In London' banner? Genius. 


Kari said...

Everyone seems so cynical about their wedding. Well, not everyone, I'm sure! I'm psyched about it. Maybe we're just getting all the hoopla here in California. I want a souvenir!

Jackie said...

I'm REALLY excited about the wedding. Cannot get enough!

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