Saturday, May 2, 2009

RATE IT! Gossip Girl Sneak Peek ~ The Wrath of Con

Hurrah! New 'Gossip Girl'! Monday's ep sees the UES gang enlisting Georgina Sparks to do their dirty work. Nice!


Andrea said...

Thanks for sharing...I am Gossip Girl fan through and through! Can't wait to see them bring Poppy down!! :)

Sarah said...

New GG fan thanks to my sister buying the entire series plus the first few of the second one. In the last week I watched the whole first season and watched up to the 21st episode of this season because I know for a fact I will not be in England to watch the finale on TV. We've only just had the episode where Chuck on the verge of a mental breakdown inherits Bass Industries. Anywho, so far, I'm sorry for Vanessa because the writers must have it in for her, I don't like Nate he's too soppy lovey dovey with every girl he falls for. I mean really, writing letters? What is this? NYC in the 80s? I like Dan because he's clever and normal and I like Chuck because well, its Chuck and you can't help but fall for the villian especially when he's vulnerable. Oh on a side note, the 'you found Jesus too' bit of the last episode made me lol.
Sorry LTG for taking up your comments space for the third time in as many weeks. I might be rivaling Em's lengthy comments. And seeing as I know she can argue her ground, I'm not planning on taking that accolade. ;)

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