Thursday, September 10, 2009

HATE IT! Ellen New Idol Judge

Ellen Degeneres has been named as Paula Abdul's replacement on 'American Idol.'

I find this choice really surprising!!

Sure, Ellen is very enthusiastic, loves music and is occasionally funny -- but she has no music industry experience, no special insight to offer the participants or viewers! She's so 'white bread' bland too. I don't think she offers anything original or interesting to the program. If the Producers were looking to replicate the nicey-nice of Paula, they've done that in spades, but part of Paula's charm was that she was so train wreck-fabulous to watch. Would she be drunk? High? Both? Would Simon fight with her on air? Or flirt? Well, with Ellen, none of this delicious viewing will be on the agenda. She'll just be...well, Ellen! Kinda bland, boring and please! someone tell dancing allowed!

The one thing that Ellen DOES bring to the Idol table is a fan-like love of music. She's like the average viewer, ultimately.... someone with no working knowledge of the biz but just an honest to goodness appreciation for what they like to listen to. Not such a bad thing. It just won't make great television, that's all.

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I've never really watched American Idol, but I can't say that Ellen being a judge will make me want to do so. She might be funny the first week or so, but at some point, it has to get old. She has no experience in the music industry and, isn't the fan vote supposed to be about what people like to hear anyway?

Sarah said...

I think Ellen is funny but as a judge? I never watched AI from the beginning since Fantasia but I do watch Ellen's show. But her favourites could influence the outcome of the show. Simon has a similar influence on the X factor.
Speaking of which, is he looking for someone to have the same presence on the show as him so that he'll be free to leave AI and go to the American version of XF he's so eager to introduce?

Meeya Milo said...

So please clarify for me??? Exactly how many judges will there be? I think adding Ellen actually isn't a bad idea. The talent is getting stale so why not spice up the judges. You know what I'm sayin DOG?

Jackie said...

Meeyamilo, there will still be four: Randy (Dog), Simon, Ellen and that other chick.

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