Sunday, September 27, 2009

RATE IT! Flash Forward

Did you happen to catch the premiere of ABC's new "Lost"-alike, 'Flash Forward' last Thursday? I recorded it in my PVR and only just had time to watch it last night.

It's really cool! Much like "Lost", it's a time warp of intrigue and freaky occurrences. Based on a Canadian novel by Robert J. Sawyer (props to a fellow Canuck!), 'FF' looks to be one of the best bets for TV survival. When all of mankind falls unconscious for a spell of 2:17, the world as we know it stops, or does it? Upon waking, everyone realizes that they experienced a flash forward into the future to the same day, April 29, 2010. Was it a dream, a premonition? Suddenly, deja vu seems so last year!

Focusing on the great unknown -- the future -- something that we all fret about, 'Flash Forward' is engaging and addictive. Will those frightened by their glimpse into the future be able to change their fate? We'll just have to keep watching to find out!

It's great to see Brit film actor, Joseph Fiennes on US TV -- although it's odd to hear his American accent. The actress who played Penny on "Lost" shares screen time with Joe, and was that really 'Family Guy' creator, Seth McFarlane in the FBI powwow scene? And Dominic Monaghan shows up in the second episode furthering 'FF's brotherhood with the aforementioned "Lost."

Any way you slice it, 'Flash Forward' is a hit in my books. Can't wait for the next ep. And how many people spotted the Oceanic airline poster during the surveillance scene?


DazLad said...

I love the idea of that show, I'm hooked for now too :)

Gabby said...

I was mildly interested, 'tho didn't expect much.... And after the first episode I thought, I really like this show! The sci-fi/mystery element is well-executed & intriguing; but what impressed me the most was how drawn into the characters themselves I got. And J. Fienes is looking mighty fine!!! ;) Will definitely be following this one.

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