Sunday, September 20, 2009

RATE IT! Oprah Goes Mad (Men) on Monday

Tonight's TV viewing is not only stellar because Sunday = 'Mad Men' but also because the Emmy Awards happen this evening. I'm hoping that Jon Hamm's gang walk away oh, so fashionably with all the silverwear, leaving the comedy trinkets for the equally wonderful and deserving Tina Fey and her '30 Rock.'

Speaking of which, is Oprah having a premonition about tonight's festivities? Does she think that 'Mad Men' will cart away everything tonight too, because she has Jon & January Jones on her show tomorrow. She's throwing a 60s themed party complete with music, fashion and all sorts of enticing fun. Clearly, she doesn't realize that just having pretty Jon Hamm is more than enough to get all us ladies in a tizzy.

Thanks Gabby for the tip!


Sarah said...

It'll be November or December before we get that episode here.

Gabby said...

In a way I don't want MM going TOO maisntream - I hate bandwaggon jumpers! But at least if it's a favourite thing of Oprah's, we shouldn't have to sweat it's demise anytime soon... ;)

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