Monday, September 7, 2009

RATE IT! Hoarders

It feels oh, so wrong.... but I can't help it!

I've become addicted to watching A&E's "Hoarders." I feel for the people featured, really I do. Uncontrollable saving of past-due food, rotting garbage, never worn clothes, unruly paper documents... for whatever reason, these collectors cannot stop their excessive behaviour.

A&E has a bunch of episodes all queued up this evening, perfect late Labour Day viewing. My PVR is all geared up and ready to grab them all. While I'm publicly watching last season's finale of 'Gossip Girl', I'll be secretly hoarding all the "Hoarders" episodes (as my better half cheekily pointed out). Can't wait.


Daz said...

That show should be renamed "The Mentalists". They're all nutters!

Jackie said...


And no Simon Baker - luckily for him!

Sarah said...

They have a show for these people? Reality TV is now officially a freak fest.

Gabby said...

This program mesmerizes me! And I always straighten up my place after I watch...! After just finishing helping my grandmother pack the place she's been in for 9 years, I kept conjuring images and feelings from watching Hoarders; (not that it was that bad, but you just know those situations started 'innocently'...). Fascinating, addictive stuff!

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