Wednesday, September 16, 2009

HATE IT! Love Happens

Have you seen the snorefest of a trailer that is Jennifer Aniston's latest, "Love Happens"?

It's groundhog day all over again for dear Jenn.... bland rom-com goo, woman hopeless at love, featuring a generic love interest (sorry Aaron fans, but he's just kinda there...not hot, not cool, just there), etc.... etc.... etc....*yawn*

And *obviously* with a title like "Love Happens", it will, at some point during its 90 minutes, all playing out like a movie we've all seen time & time again....where the popcorn is as stale as the dialogue and the acting.

Love may happen, but so does shit....and I think I know what would have been the better title.

1 comment:

Gab said...

Couldn't agree more.... It's not even the "been there done that factor", it's worse - it's WHO CARES?

There's a rumbling that the release will be delayed due to a lawsuite; I kinda hope so, although let's just get this one in and out and out of our lives...!

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