Friday, January 21, 2011

HATE IT! Royal Comics

The Royals get the ultimate pop culture treatment!

Check out this graphic novel/comic book celebrating the love story of Prince William and Kate Middleton. 

Pure cheese, thanks to Rich Johnston, a UK political commentator. By the looks of things, Mr. Johnston is taking some masculine artistic licence... giving cartoon William a full head of hair. Kate, on the other hand, looks more like herself, very pretty, but almost Charlie's Angels-esque. Oh, those crazy kids!

And you thought china mugs, and plates were tacky! Why not go the whole hog and create Wills and Kate bubble gum cards too? 

Want to get your mitts on this item? Check out - Kate & William: A Very Public Love Story will be released on April 2. The perfect pre-wedding gift -- or not!


Rich Johnston said...

The comic runs through his life from you ng boy to man. He used to have a full head of hair, honest - and that's the William on the cover...

Jackie said...

Hi Rich!! So fun to have you comment here.

I'm a BIG royal fan so I do appreciate this graphic novel... it just seems so weird! I would like the bubble gum cards so if you do hear of anything... (!)

I will be in the UK at the time of the wedding - cannot wait. And yes, my last name is Middleton. ;)

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