Thursday, January 27, 2011

RATE IT! Kings of Leon Feeling No Glee

Have you heard about the latest war of words in celebrity-ville? Apparently, Ryan Murphy, the brains behind 'Glee', and rockers Kings of Leon are having a very public spat over usage of songs on the popular television show.

'Glee' has become a huge force in the world of entertainment. Music stars are falling all over themselves trying to get their songs on the show. Britney's episode was a huge ratings winner, and now Jennifer Lopez and Stevie Nicks are trying to latch onto the 'Glee' juggernaut. Everyone wants a piece of the little nerdy show that could - all except for Kings of Leon. 

Murphy wanted to glom onto a Kings of Leon song for his hit series but was surprised when Caleb Followill said no. This answer didn't sit well with Murphy, and he lobbed a blistering f-bomb at the Kings. Harsh, much? I mean, c'mon dude! Followill has the right to say no! It's his property, his art and if he doesn't care for 'Glee' and its sickly sweet renditions of popular music, than all the more power to him. Murphy on the other hand, doesn't see it that way. He desperately wanted the song, wasn't able to access it, and is now having a hissy fit in the press, and on Twitter. Murphy's behaviour is embarrassing. Perhaps he's become too accustomed to having the music industry fawning all over him, and a simple 'no' sent him over the edge. I know several 2 year olds that act more appropriately when they don't get want they want. Tossing your toys out of your pram doesn't make your argument more lucid or worthy, Mr. Murphy.

Personally, I'd like to pat Caleb on the back for standing his ground, and not acting like a lemming when it comes to allowing 'Glee' to use his songs. I'm not particularly a fan of either 'Glee' or Kings of Leon, but I can appreciate someone not wanting their work being used somewhere that they don't see fit. 

Since the original argument began, other members of Kings of Leon have jumped into the fray making an ugly mess of the whole deal. Murphy's accusing the band of homophobia, and now Perez Hilton has squirmed his way into the spat - it's all so silly! There's been name-calling, and ridiculous accusations -- all because the owner of a song didn't want it licenced. 

Murphy should have let Caleb's original answer lie... let it go, and move on. Chase down some other artist -- one that relishes the 'Glee' treatment -- and bastardize their songs. The rogue Kings of Leon members suffering from a bout of verbal diarrhea should have let Caleb handle all the talking on this one. He was straight-forward without taking any liberties or childish swipes at 'Glee' or Murphy. There was really nothing more to be said. Instead, the public airwaves, Twitter timelines and such have been privy to a beef gone too far. 

For the record, Kings of Leon aren't the only artists to experience the wrath of Murphy.  Slash has too. He's not a fan of the show and doesn't want his tunes on it - fair enough! In the end, I'm sure all this scrapping will result in more people tuning in to watch 'Glee', and a bump in sales for Kings of Leon. Hmm...maybe they're not so silly and petty after all! You know what they say about publicity... even if it is the bad kind!

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Darren said...

Glee Sucks - END OF!

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