Tuesday, January 25, 2011

RATE IT! Re-Broadcast News

Finally! It only took, gosh 15+ years to get the DVD treatment that this movie deserves! Hello, extras and commentaries. Oh, how we've desperately craved you!

'Broadcast News' - one of the best flicks EVER to tackle the world of television broadcasting is being re-released today by the clever folk at Criterion. Let's rally a round of applause for this wonderful film company that delivers time and time again with DVD re-releases that contain plenty of supplementary interviews, trailers and long-lost footage -- a movie fan's dream!

If you haven't seen this movie, you're in for a treat! Spot-on performances from Holly Hunter, Albert Brooks and William Hurt, and a script to die for under the direction of James L. Brooks, it's hard to believe that 'Broadcast News' didn't capture an Oscar® back in the day (despite being nominated for seven back in the late '80s). 

I remember seeing this film in 1987 at a preview screening ~ I had just begun my TV career. The theatre was chock full of reporters, producers, behind-the-scenesters from my TV station... everyone LOVED this movie so much. On so many levels it felt so REAL! My entry-level job back them was as a Production Assistant... so I could really relate to Joan Cusack's character -- especially the panic of trying to deliver a precious tape to air. This one scene in particular is one you won't forget! 

The best thing about this movie, you don't have to be a broadcasting insider to get the humour. It's funny, bittersweet, and thoroughly entertaining. And where else will you get to see Jack Nicholson as an elite network news anchor!

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