Wednesday, January 19, 2011

RATE IT! Yes, I'm Actually 12

It doesn't take much to send me spiraling back to the joys of childhood. Maybe I'm just too immature for my own good? Hmm.... I don't think that's quite true. I'd rather say that I appreciate silly things that perhaps other adults my age would pass by with nary a second thought. 

I like toys. I like silly things that make me smile, and this set of face stickers tick all the boxes of my juvenile sensibilities. 

Why not make your stapler into a monster with stick on eyes? Or your alarm clock? Life's too fun to be serious ALL the time. And it's January... c'mon, we ALL need some levity when we're freezing out butts off, and it's dark at 5pm. Scowl if you must, but I'll be all tucked up warm inside transforming my filofax into a buck-toothed marvel. 

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